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About Gleeson Clinic

Dr. Dan Gleeson

Dr. Daniel Gleeson


1939 - 2018

 In 1959 Daniel Gleeson attended the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto ON, where his life long journey of healing and promoting wellness with all his patients, family and friends began. After his graduation the Gleeson Clinic was established in 1963. Daniel was one of two originators of Applied Kinesiology in Canada. He lectured and taught Applied Kinesiology across Canada and the United States and mentored several local Chiropractors through this clinic. After more than 56 years of researching, lecturing and attending numerous certified energy/emotional courses, his experience and skill continued to keep him on the cutting edge of his profession.


While the clinic has seen several changes over the years, the core values remain the same. We continue to deliver affordable, quality chiropractic care, massage therapy and natural healthcare to all of our patients in a positive, caring atmosphere where people can relax and focus on their health.

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